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Capsule New Colorful Mood Lamp Laser LED Star Projector Galaxy Projector Light

Item No.: 00703
Indoor DJ stage led laser lamp light with different pattern
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                 Indoor DJ stage led laser lamp light with different pattern


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Product Description

Item name :Min Laser led lamp 
Material: aluminum alloy
Power supply: 110-265 V ,50-60Hz.
Power: 5W
Mode: voice control, self-walking, stroboscopic
Light source: green laser 532nm hand 50MW, red laser 650nm/100mW
30 pcs/ carton, G.W: 11KG
Outer box size: 36*28*45CM
Application: indoor
Features: traffic light two colors, voice-activated, self-walking, strobe mode, adjustable pattern rotation speed,
Pattern: the general pattern is the star pattern, and there are 4 Patterns, 6 Patterns, 12 Patterns, 20 Patterns and other patterns to choose from.



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